Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dainty Sunday

Hi! I'm Giulia. Before I get on about how I'm so excited about this thing.. I'm wearing a dress from Topshop. I love the design of this dress, it has a cathedral-window-like pattern (you get the point) with three lines of little pompoms hanging in front. It's super comfy and it looks dainty and girly, perfect for sundates with the family. I'm carrying a thrifted brown satchel so I can fit in a book and other stuff. I'm also wearing a ring that says LOVE in it and a necklace with brown rock-like thingies (wow I really suck at describing things). OMG. I cannot believe we're actually doing this. I can't hear your positive or negative criticisms so might as well just get on with it. I'm sorry the photos' resolution sucks. It feels a bit weird to smile & take whole body photos. Anyways, we appreciate your visit, guys! This was a rushed out thing, honestly. Jasmine & I was on our way home from our usual de-stressing GNOs when out of nowhere, we agreed on making a blog. We didn't even plan this out, but we promise to improve our skills in blogging, photography & style. If you guys follow us out as we continue on with the blog, you'll see how much we're similar when it comes to our love for shopping and all other kikay things but different in style and personality. So, yeah, I guess, that's it. Thanks!

Bonne journée xx

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